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Waste Gas Treatment Technology in industrial field

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The waste gas produced by industrial enterprises mainly includes various pollutants produced in the fuel combustion process and various organic pollutants and inorganic pollutants volatilized in the factory production process. The types of pollutants include: carbon disulfide, hydrogen sulfide, fluoride, nitrogen oxide, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, beryllium, various acid mist, smoke, productive dust and various VOCs components. Uncontrolled discharge of all kinds of industrial waste gas will bring such adverse effects as destroying the atmospheric environment, affecting the climate environment, inducing physiological diseases, endangering the survival of animals and plants, etc., which are not conducive to the harmonious and healthy development of ecological economy and society.

The strict regularization of industrial waste gas treatment has become a trend. Absorption method (water absorption, chemical absorption), adsorption method (activated carbon), combustion method (TO, RTO), oxidation method (ion method, UV), biological method (biodegradation, soil deodorization) and other methods are gradually optimized and developed, at the same time, various targeted process plans have been formed by learning from each other's strengths.


■ Case show:


Case 1: Jiangsu Sopo (Group) Sewage System Covering and Waste Gas Treatment Project
Design treatment air volume:(1)5000 m³/h (2)10000 m³/h
Design treatment technology: Seal collection+ Integrated deodorization (Alkali washing + demist+ photo-catalytic oxidation+ activated carbon adsorption)


Case 2:Treatment of waste gas from chemical synthesis by "secondary chemical absorption+activated carbon adsorption"


Case 3:Treatment of waste gas from plastic products by " spray tower +demist+ UV +activated carbon adsorption"


Case 4:RTO treatment of VOCs waste gas in chemical industry

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