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Sewage Treatment Technology in Municipal Sewage Field

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With the deepening of sewage treatment, the operating environment of the government has gradually changed from industrial wastewater to urban sewage. Only by fully respecting the law of social development, paying attention to the problems of sewage pollution and water recycling, and comprehensively adjusting the current urban sewage treatment methods can we adapt to the new requirements of sewage treatment at this stage as soon as possible. Therefore, based on the shortage of water resources and the deterioration of water environment, this paper analyzes the comprehensive management strategy of urban sewage treatment, hoping to help the development of sewage treatment units.

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Case:Domestic Sewage Treatment Project in Taishan Scenic Area
Water treatment:24m3/d
Design technology:Septic tank+ Grille+ Adjusting tank+ Integrated treatment of A/O+ MBR

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