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Integrated waste gas treatment equipment

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1.1 Product introduction

Runhong Environmental & Tongrun Environmental TRHJ-WGT waste gas treatment integrated equipment integrates the technical advantages of various waste gas treatment processes such as pretreatment, biological treatment, high-energy ion oxidation, and advanced adsorption treatment. It aims to solve VOCs waste gas, Various air pollution problems such as malodorous waste gas, acid and alkali waste gas.
Our company adheres to the principle of customer first. The design, production and installation of TRHJ-WGT series products are considered from the point of view of convenience for customers, which fully reflects the practicality and simplicity, neat appearance, simple installation, easy operation, convenient maintenance, etc. Comprehensive advantages.


1.2 Application areas

The applicable industries and fields of TRHJ-WGT waste gas treatment integrated equipment include: coking chemistry, petroleum refining, urban sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment stations, sewage pumping stations, landfills, printing and dyeing industry, spray painting, pharmaceutical chemicals, food Processing and other industries.


1.3 Product advantages

Integrated waste gas treatment equipment

TRHJ-WGT waste gas treatment integrated equipment has a high degree of integration, and the main advantages include the following:

1. The treatment effect is good, and it has a good treatment effect for most types of waste gas;
2. Cost saving, the electric control system adopts PLC system for automatic control;
3. The operating cost is low, and the overall estimate is that the waste gas treatment cost of this equipment is about 0.002 yuan/(m³·day);
4. The operation is simple and fully automated and intelligent operation is realized;
5. Small footprint, comprehensive space utilization design, high degree of integration;.

1.4 Process introduction

The TRHJ-WGT series products integrate various processing equipment such as pre-processing equipment, biological oxidation processing equipment, enhanced processing equipment and terminal processing equipment, fully considering the advantages and equipment structure of each processing equipment process, and combine each process into an organic whole . The whole set of equipment is divided into pretreatment section, biological treatment section, enhanced treatment section and post-treatment section.
Pre-treatment process: Usually, the first stage of the process adopts alkaline washing spray, and can use water washing spray, oil washing spray, inorganic oxidizing liquid spray, etc. according to the actual situation. The main function is to absorb particulate matter, exhaust gas components, water-soluble or oil-soluble organic matter in the exhaust gas through the effect of gas-liquid countercurrent contact, mass transfer absorption and acid-base neutralization reaction. Excessive changes in the exhaust gas environment will have some adverse effects on the second stage of the biological deodorization process. Therefore, the role of the pre-treatment process is also to create a good and stable working environment for the subsequent microbial process.
Biochemical oxidation treatment process: Biological trickling treatment process is usually used. The filler layer in the box not only has the function of increasing the contact area of ​​the two phases and fully dispersing the two phases, but also can be used for the attachment and reproduction of dominant biological bacteria. The biological reaction section usually consists of two stages of desulfurization bacteria and nitrifying bacteria.式 reaction chamber.
Strengthen the process of the treatment section: The process of the strengthened treatment section usually adopts microwave plasma photocatalytic oxidation technology. In this stage, microwave plasma is used in conjunction with electrodeless ultraviolet photocatalytic oxidation technology, through the intensified oxidation of microwave plasma, microwave plasma cooperates with photocatalysis to degrade malodorous substances. The enhanced treatment section process can also adopt advanced oxidation processes such as photocatalytic oxidation, high-energy ion, ozone oxidation, and heterogeneous catalytic oxidation according to actual conditions.
Post-treatment process: The post-treatment process usually adopts treatment processes such as adsorption, adsorption desorption, catalyst incinerator (CO), and direct exhaust gas combustion furnace (TO).

1.5 Function introduction

This equipment is a highly integrated integrated equipment. When the equipment leaves the factory, all parameters have been adjusted to the best according to the on-site working conditions. For example, when the water level in the equipment is too low, the equipment will automatically start the water replenishment system, and when it is too high, the drainage system will be opened; when the ambient temperature is too low, the equipment will automatically start the heating system to automatically adjust the temperature in the equipment to a suitable temperature. The user only needs to press the start button after connecting the water, electricity and gas after the equipment is in place.
Water replenishment: soft water is recommended, tap water can be used unconditionally;
Drainage: It is recommended to connect to the regulating tank, and unconditionally can connect to the sewage pipe network;
Electricity: 380V, 50Hz, three-phase four-wire.
Compressed air: 0.7MPa, 0.5m³/min (instantaneous).
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