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Integrated equipment for waste gas treatment
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Advanced electro-catalytic oxidation device
Advanced electro-catalytic oxidation device means that under the action of electric field, the modifiers existing on the electrode surface or solution phase can promote or inhibit the electron transfer reaction on the electrode, and make toxic and harmful pollutants become non-toxic and harmless substances, or form precipitates or generate gases to escape, so as to achieve the purpose of removing pollutants.
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Dissolved air floatation integrated machine
The main treatment process of the air flotation and sedimentation integrated machine adopts physical and chemical methods. The traditional mature technology such as chemical method, air flotation method, filtration and adsorption method is designed through organic combination. It has the characteristics of simple and reasonable process, wide adaptability, compact structure, convenient transportation and installation, simple operation, stable and reliable performance. It has a good effect on oil-water separation, suspended solids, COD, BOD removal, and general wastewater can meet the discharge standard after treatment.
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Inclined tube sedimentation device
Inclined tube precipitator refers to the sedimentation equipment with inclined tubes in the sedimentation area. In the sedimentation area of the horizontal or vertical sedimentation tank, inclined parallel pipes or parallel pipes (sometimes honeycomb packing can be used) are used to divide into a series of shallow sedimentation layers, and the treated and settled sediments move and separate from each other in each shallow sedimentation layer. According to their mutual movement direction, they can be divided into three different separation modes: reverse (opposite) flow, co-current flow and lateral flow. Every two parallel inclined plates (or parallel pipes) is equivalent to a very shallow sedimentation tank.
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AO integrated machine device
A/O process, also called anaerobic-aerobic process, is mainly used in water treatment. A is the anaerobic section, which is mainly used for nitrogen and phosphorus removal; O is aerobic stage, which is mainly used to remove organic matter from water. It can not only remove organic pollutants in wastewater, but also remove nitrogen and phosphorus at the same time. For high-concentration organic wastewater and refractory wastewater, a hydrolysis acidification section is set before the aerobic section, which can significantly improve the biodegradability of wastewater.
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Bio ev series biological deodorization equipment
Runhong Environmental & Tongrun Environmental Bio ev series of biological deodorization equipment comprehensively treats volatile organic gases. This technology establishes a high-efficiency degradation bacteria library for different types of pollutants, and innovatively achieves standardized, modular, and integrated Compared with traditional technology, equipment design and manufacturing have the characteristics of more efficient processing, more stable operation, and smaller footprint.
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AD series adsorption and desorption device
Runhong Environmental Protection & Tongrun Environment AD series adsorption and desorption device, with multiple adsorption boxes as adsorption units, organic waste gas enters the adsorption boxes, in which the waste gas passes through activated carbon particles or activated carbon fibers, and the organic matter is adsorbed into activated carbon micropores, and the purified waste gas is discharged.
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CH series catalytic combustion device
Runhong Environmental Protection & Tongrun Environment CH series catalytic combustion device for moistening environment, which adopts unique "metal carrier-platinum palladium noble metal catalyst" and has high treatment efficiency. Under the action of catalyst, organic components in waste gas can be rapidly decomposed into harmless H2O and CO2 at lower temperature.
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FZ series molecular sieve runner device
The FZ series molecular sieve runner device of Runhong Environmental Protection & Tongrun Environment can effectively absorb organic components in waste gas, and desorb them by hot nitrogen/hot air after adsorption saturation, so as to obtain waste gas with small air volume and high concentration, which is then oxidized and decomposed in catalytic oxidation equipment. It has the characteristics of low total emission of waste gas and no substances causing catalyst poisoning.
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WGT series integrated waste gas treatment device
Based on the design concept of "practicality, high quality, beauty, high cost performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance", Runhong Environmental Protection & Tongrun Environment WGT series integrated waste gas treatment device is designed as an integrated waste gas treatment facility integrating pretreatment and multi-stage advanced treatment technology according to the present situation of industrial waste gas.
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CW Series demisting device
Runhong Environmental Protection & Tongrun Environment CW Series demisting device, its main function is to capture mist particles and slurry droplets brought in during the process of spray/spray absorption or collection. The efficiency of demister is not only related to its own structure, but also related to the severity and particle size of mist droplets. Only by matching the performance of demister with the diameter of mist particles can a good demisting effect be achieved.
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AC Series Activated Carbon Adsorption Device
Runhong Environmental Protection & Tongrun Environment AC Series Activated Carbon Adsorption Device, which mainly utilizes the characteristic that activated carbon micropores can absorb organic substances, adsorbs organic solvents in organic waste gas with large air volume and low concentration into activated carbon, concentrates them, and exhausts the gas after adsorption and purification.
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PL series spray device
Runhong Environmental Protection & Tongrun Environment PL series spray device is mainly composed of tower body, pump circulating spray system, circulating liquid tank, spherical variable packing, etc. The whole set of equipment mainly targets and treats harmful gases: acid mist gas (HSO), hydrogen chloride gas (HCl), hydrogen fluoride gas (HF), chromic acid gas (CrO), hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S), ammonia (NH3), etc. water-soluble gas.
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UV series high-efficiency photocatalytic oxidation device
Runhong Environmental Protection & Tongrun Environment UV series photocatalytic oxidation device, which mainly uses high-energy UV beams and ozone to carry out collaborative decomposition and gasification reaction on malodorous gases, so as to degrade malodorous gases into low-molecular compounds, water and carbon dioxide, is a new practical, efficient and energy-saving environmental protection product.
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HE series high-energy ion deodorization device
Runhong Environmental Protection & Tongrun Environment HE series high-energy ion deodorization device adopts electronic, photo-ion, nano and ECO technologies, and utilizes the natural process of continuous operation and regulation of air regeneration, which can effectively kill viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, harmful gases, VOCs, dust and odor in the air.
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