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Bio ev series biological deodorizing device
Runhong Environmental & Tongrun Environmental Bio ev series of biological deodorization equipment comprehensively treats volatile organic gases. This technology establishes a high-efficiency degradation bacteria library for different types of pollutants, and innovatively achieves standardized, modular, and integrated Compared with traditional technology, equipment design and manufacturing have the characteristics of more efficient processing, more stable operation, and smaller footprint.
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AD series adsorption and desorption device
Runhong Environmental & Tongrun Environment AD series adsorption and desorption device uses multiple adsorption boxes as the adsorption unit. Organic waste gas enters the adsorption box. In the adsorption box, the waste gas passes through the activated carbon particles or activated carbon fibers, and the organic matter is adsorbed into the micropores of the activated carbon. Purified exhaust emissions.
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