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Integrated wastewater treatment equipment

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Product Introduction

Runhong Environmental & Tongrun Environmental TRHJ-WSZ- A/O integrated equipment is suitable for residential areas, rural towns, highway service areas, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, shopping malls, ship terminals, stations, airports, industrial and mining Treatment of domestic sewage, medical sewage, aquaculture sewage and simple industrial sewage from enterprises, tourist attractions, villas, scenic spots, etc.
The anaerobic-aerobic activated sludge process (Anoxic/Oxic, abbreviated as A/O) is a biological wastewater treatment process that consists of two parts: anaerobic and aerobic. After the sewage enters the anaerobic tank, it is mixed with the return sludge. The polyphosphate bacteria in the activated sludge absorb a large amount of BOD5 in the sewage in this process, and release the phosphorus in the sludge into the mixed solution in the form of orthophosphate. After the mixed solution enters the aerobic tank, the organic matter is oxidized and decomposed, and the polyphosphate bacteria absorb the orthophosphate in the mixed solution into the sludge. Because the phosphorus accumulating bacteria absorb more phosphorus under aerobic conditions than the phosphorus released under anaerobic conditions, the sewage undergoes an "anaerobic-aerobic" alternate action and sludge separation in the secondary sedimentation tank to finally achieve phosphorus removal The goal.
Our company adheres to the principle of customer first, and the design, production and installation of products are based on the following aspects: practical, high-quality, beautiful, cost-effective, simple operation and convenient maintenance.


Product advantages:

Integrated wastewater treatment equipment
(1) The integrated sewage treatment equipment is made of carbon steel anti-corrosion treatment or stainless steel components, which are spliced and assembled on site, which is light in weight, easy to transport and easy to install;
(2) It adopts glass fiber reinforced plastic, carbon steel, stainless steel anticorrosive structure, has excellent characteristics such as corrosion resistance and anti-aging, and has a service life of more than 30 years;
(3) Placed below the ground surface, no need to build houses, heating, and heat preservation, to maximize system integration and reduce floor space;
(4) The integrated sewage treatment equipment can be designed as a fully buried, no pollution, no noise, no peculiar smell, and reduce secondary pollution;
(5) The integrated sewage treatment equipment is not limited by the amount of sewage, and it is flexible and can be used individually or in combination;
(6) The entire equipment processing system is equipped with PLC automatic electrical control system and equipment failure alarm system, which is safe and reliable in operation and low in management costs;
(7) The biggest feature is that the sewage treatment project can be arranged into a landscape. The integrated equipment buried in the ground not only has a good water output effect, but also has a greening rate of over 90%.

Process introduction

The design of A/O integrated sewage treatment equipment is mainly for the treatment of domestic sewage and similar industrial organic sewage. Its main treatment method is the use of the current mature biochemical treatment technology, contact oxidation method, and a total of six parts: adjustment tank, hydrolysis acidification Tank, contact oxidation tank, secondary sedimentation tank, disinfection tank, sludge digestion tank.
The process flow of A/O integrated equipment is as follows:


Integrated wastewater treatment equipment



The integrated sewage treatment equipment with A/O process as the main process has the effect of reducing organic pollutants, removing phosphorus and nitrogen, without sludge expansion, and relatively simple operation and management. Due to the large specific surface area of ​​the filler, the oxidation conditions in the tank are good, the amount of biosolids per unit volume in the biological contact oxidation tank is high, the sludge is returned, and the concentration of activated sludge is high in the reaction tank, so the activated sludge method is combined. With high volume load. Due to the large amount of biosolids, when the organic volume load is high, the F/M ratio can be maintained at a certain level, so the sludge output can be equal to or lower than the activated sludge method. The process is simple in operation, low in operating cost, good in treatment effect, and stable in operation. It is a relatively mature domestic sewage treatment process and can effectively ensure that sewage discharge reaches the standard.
The A/O integrated sewage treatment equipment is more difficult to repair and maintain because of its buried installation. Therefore, the maintenance-free nature of the equipment is considered in the design. The entire equipment structure is reasonable and reliable. At the same time, even if some failures occur, You can enter the equipment through the inspection holes of the equipment.
All facilities of the A/O integrated sewage treatment equipment are set in several boxes, and the main equipment is made of steel structure, all of which are deep anti-corrosion. After the inner and outer surfaces are treated with mechanical rust removal, the inner and outer surfaces are treated with epoxy coal tar pitch, and the anti-corrosion life can generally reach more than 10 years.

Equipment structure introduction

The main structure of the equipment is shown in the figure below:


Integrated wastewater treatment equipment

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