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Advanced electrocatalytic oxidation device
Advanced electrocatalytic oxidation device means that under the action of an electric field, the modification present on the electrode surface or in the solution phase can promote or inhibit the electron transfer reaction that occurs on the electrode, so that toxic and harmful pollutants can be turned into non-toxic and harmless substances. , Or form a precipitate to precipitate or generate gas to escape, so as to achieve the purpose of removing pollutants.
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Dissolved air flotation integrated machine device
The main treatment process of the air flotation and sedimentation integrated machine adopts physical and chemical methods. The traditional mature technology such as chemical method, air flotation method, filtration and adsorption method is designed through organic combination. It has the characteristics of simple and reasonable process, wide adaptability, compact structure, convenient transportation and installation, simple operation, stable and reliable performance. It has a good effect on oil-water separation, suspended solids, COD, BOD removal, and general wastewater can meet the discharge standard after treatment.
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